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Payment for Online Orders

All online sales must be made by credit card, or Paypal. Bourgeons de Fleurs accepts payment from the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Acceptance of orders is subject to credit card verification procedures. We reserve the right to cancel an order if it does not meet our credit card verification standards.

Once an order is submitted, Bourgeons de Fleurs cannot change, modify or combine an order or change a method of payment.

International Orders

Bourgeons de Fleurs offers limited international shipping. Please note that international orders may take up to a month to arrive and may be subject to additional restrictions or duties, which vary by country and the contents of your order. If you are placing an order from outside of France, it is your responsibility to understand your country’s restrictions, duties and any special requirements in order to receive imported goods. If your country restricts packages based on the value of the contents, you must ensure that each order you place is within this limit. If you wish to order seeds or products that exceed that value, you should place separate orders, each within the limit. Bourgeons de Fleurs has no control over additional fees and is not responsible for confiscated items, delayed orders, or any additional duties or taxes that may be imposed by your country’s customs office or other government agencies.  

Packages returned to Bourgeons de Fleurs due to a failure or refusal to pay the duties or taxes are ineligible for a refund of shipping fees and will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.


All of the seeds we offer in our shop are of the highest quality and are tested frequently to ensure excellent germination. We guarantee that our seeds will grow and thrive. We have found that many seed starting problems can be remedied by setting up a proper seed starting area before sowing any seeds. Using high quality potting mix and providing adequate amounts of light, water, and consistent temperatures will be critical to seed starting success.

If your seeds do not perform after following our detailed instructions, please contact us immediately and we will happily send you replacement seed if available, or refund the purchase price. Our guarantee is limited to the purchase price of the seed only; shipping costs are nonrefundable. Bourgeons de Fleurs is not liable for any damage or loss resulting from crop failure. Reports must be made within 2 weeks of discovering the problem and within 1 year of purchase.

Bulbs & Corms

We guarantee that our bulbs and corms will grow and are true to name. We are not responsible for weather, rodent or animal damage, or poor customer care. 

Ranunculus and anemones require extra special care and must be given a protected environment in order to grow and thrive.  Due to their tender nature, we do not offer replacements or refunds on anemone and ranunculus corms.



Dahlia Tubers

We guarantee that our dahlias will grow and are true to name. We are not responsible for weather, rodent or animal damage, or poor customer care. For best results, follow the detailed growing instructions included with your tubers. Your dahlias should sprout through the soil within 3-5 weeks from planting. If they fail to sprout within 6 weeks of planting, please notify us immediately. Problems must be reported by August 15th of the year they were ordered. Replacement tubers will be sent out the following spring. Our guarantee is limited to the purchase price of the tubers only; shipping costs are nonrefundable.